Bruce Kelm, MBA, CFP®

Managing Partner, Arrow Point Wealth Management – Wealth Advisor

With nearly three decades of experience to draw on, Bruce relishes the challenge of guiding clients through changing markets and helping them pursue the goals that give their lives meaning. He specializes in empowering business leaders to manage their wealth, plan retirement, and chart their course to success by exploring all areas of their financial journey.

Duncan Kelm, MBA

Managing Partner, Arrow Point Wealth Management – Wealth Advisor

With an analytical mind and a background in management consulting, Duncan specializes in implementing financial plans and processes for business owners, professionals, and executives. He designs each plan to fit a client’s intricate situation, reflecting their most important goals. He cares deeply about each client’s financial outcome, taking the time to learn about family dynamics, values and objectives, and then applying an emotionally neutral approach to money management.

Ready to plan your financial future?

Even the best athletes have a plan before starting the game. With Arrow Point Wealth, everything begins with a well-designed financial plan.

Each customized financial plan is unique to you and your objectives.