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Arrow Point Business Planning

Leveraging experience in the planning industry, we offer services to help strategize, manage, plan, and improve profit for small business owners with revenue between $1,000,000 – $500,000,000 annually.

We break down our business planning offering into three distinct areas:


Strategy Planning focuses on helping clients establish a clear vision, long term goal, and a roadmap. In general, the number one mistake entrepreneurs make is to build a business that relies too heavily on them and their limited time. At a certain point, a decision has to be made between time spent working and time away from the daily grind. This lifestyle choice between more income from the business and more flexibility to do whatever you choose later in life is one we help clients implement.


Our Management Planning services focus on getting the right people, processes, analytics, systems and policies in place, so clients can run their business more efficiently and accelerate business growth. We do this by analyzing the numbers and looking for areas of efficiency. We often find that an outside view of internal operations helps owners create leaner business strategies to improve all areas of operation. By pursuing three criteria—teachable, valuable, repeatable—we work to increase the value of your business together.


Planning for a business sale is a complicated undertaking that should be met with a clear plan and strategy. Bruce has successfully sold a prior business and has experience assisting many other owners in efficient ways to think about and structure a sale. We have an experienced network of people that have helped our clients realize a fair value and a successful transfer.

Ready to plan your financial future?

Even the best athletes have a plan before starting the game. With Arrow Point Wealth, everything begins with a well-designed financial plan.

Each customized financial plan is unique to you and your objectives.