Michael Becerra

Administrative Assistant, LPL Financial

Michael Becerra is an Administrative Assistant at LPL Financial. He partners with advisors to provide support on administrative tasks and client management functions.

Michael has nine years of experience in the banking and financial services industry. He’s been with LPL for over five years, serving as senior Service 360 consultant. While in Service 360, he worked with many top advisors providing excellent customer service for high net worth clients, and played a central role in the growth of the advisors’ businesses. He’s developed a strong network within LPL to help facilitate operational tasks and resolve issues. Prior to joining LPL, he was an associate service consultant at TD Ameritrade, and a personal banker at Wells Fargo. He holds a degree in digital marketing and graphic design.

Michael is a native of San Diego and is bilingual in English and Spanish. He’s traveled extensively in Europe, Mexico, and Latin America. His hobbies include hiking, photography, visual arts, history, 80’s music, and soccer. He enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and dog.